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Nara™Zoysia is a beautiful fine leaf Australian native turf. Zoysia macrantha is a native coastal turf that is naturally found on the east coast of Australia, making it perfect for the tough Aussie climate. It can handle hot, dry climates as well as the humidity and the cold. Nara™Zoysia perfectly complements any landscape.

What you need to know:

  • Low maintenance - Nara™native turf is a no-fuss lawn. It needs less mowing than Buffalo, Couch or Kikuyu varieties. Less edging is an added benefit as there is a smaller chance that it will invade your gardens. Nara™native turf only requires fertilising once a year.
  • Drought tolerant and needs less water - Less need to worry about future water restrictions. As Nara™ turf has vigorous deep rhizomes, it is far more drought tolerant than non rhizome grasses such as Buffalo. With Nara™ turf being the first and only commercial Zoysia macrantha, this is great news for anyone needing an extremely drought tolerant native turf. Buffalo will hold it's colour in drought a few days longer than Nara™ native turf, but will die much quicker in a hot prolonged dry spell. Nara™ Zoysia goes dormant in severe drought to survive. Nara™ native turf has developed extreme drought tolerance from it's parentage. Millions of years growing in Australia's hot dry and humid climates has made it a real drought survivor.
  • Salt tolerant turf - As Zoysia Macrantha is originally a coastal grass, Nara™ is very salt tolerant, even more so than Empire™ Zoysia. This makes it perfect for coastal regions. Although it does prefer to be watered with fresh water, it can withstand the occasional salt water inundation.
  • Great at outcompeting weeds - Nara™ native turf is very good at competing with weeds. You can also use any chemicals that work with Couch. Nara™ Zoysia is much better than Buffalo with chemicals. For example, you can take out Paspalum with a selective spray.
  • Tolerates shade better than Couch or Kikuyu - Buffalo works in 60-70% shade. Nara™ native turf works in 30-50% shade where Couch and Kikuyu only work in 15-20% shade. Nara™ Zoysia is recommended for up to 50% shade in areas with low wear and up to 30% shade in areas with moderate to high wear.
  • Recovery from wear - It has better wear tolerance than Buffalo, Couch and Kikuyu in full sun, although Couch and Kikuyu will repair quicker because they are faster growing. In semi shade, Nara™ Zoysia has better wear tolerance than Couch and Kikuyu.
  • Root Structure - Deep root structure.
  • Erosion control - Nara™ Zoysia was found have excellent erosion control performance, strengthening the soil 58%, which was 10% more than empire, 38.3% more than Kikuyu, and 54.8% more than Couch. Nara™ native turf took the soil strength in the test to an estimated 105kPa.
  • Rarely gets disease or pests - Nara™ Zoysia rarely gets disease and copes very well with humid and dry climates. In colder areas and in wet winters, like many grasses, it can occasionally develop signs of rust, but this is generally hidden amongst the leaves of a mature lawn. Nara™ Zoysia hides rust much better than many other types, so it is a safer choice. Nara™ native turf copes well with our bugs and insects, probably because it built up immunity over the millions of years of development as a native species of Australia. A few introduced pest species and the odd native one may cause problems occasionally. Nara™ Zoysia seems to be far more resistant to black beetle, army worm, and web worm than Couch, Kikuyu and Buffalo. All Zoysia types seem to be. But resistant does not mean immune, so it can sometimes get munched on. Again, because it has rhizomes, it will re-grow better than Buffalo.


  • Mowing - Mow your Nara™ lawn every 7-14 days in the hot months (depending on how manicured you want your lawn to look); mow every 3-8 weeks in the cold months. Mowing height will vary: 2-5cm in sunny/lightly shaded situations, 5-7cm in heavier shaded situations. Ensure your mower blades are sharp.
  • Fertilise - We recommend fertilising at least twice a year using a slow release fertiliser - Firstly in early April using our Summer/Autumn blend slow release fertiliser. And again in September using our Spring blend slow release fertiliser.
  • Watering - Water thoroughly and regularly after Nara™ Native Turf has been laid to encourage a deep and vigorous root system (turf will be able to fossick for water and therefore be more able to withstand hot dry conditions). Once the root system has fully established, water thoroughly only when needed (when a slight wilting is visible), usually once every 7-10 days in summer (on sandy soils more often), with much less or no water in cooler months. If water restrictions occur and you can't water, don't panic. Nara will brown off slightly and when you can water it again, or it rains it will green up. Unlike Buffalo's, Nara™ Buffalo is extremely drought tolerant and will survive. Infrequent, deep watering promotes a healthy lawn


Why choose Nara Zoysia?

  An all purpose Australian native turf 
  Ver low maintenance turf
  A drought tolerant turf that needs less water
  A beautiful fine leaf, soft grass that handles wear
  Great at outcompeting weeds and pests/disease



Please note that the information contained in this web page is not comprehensive, as climate & soil conditions vary greatly. The information provided is Copyright © Ozbreed Limited 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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