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Please be aware that turf grass is a living organism. This means it requires water, sun, nutrients and care to grow.

1: GrowTurf doesn't offer any money back guarantees - so it's important you choose your turf variety carefully. The GrowTurf team will do their best to advise you as to which turf varieties suit your needs, based on the descriptions provided by the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain the product accordingly.

We do offer a follow up service and are happy to provide verbal support should you need any as you enjoy your new lawn.

2: Once the turf has been delivered or picked up by the customer, it is the customer's full responsibility to care for the turf.

3: GrowTurf is not obligated in any way to care for the turf in any way once the turf is provided to the customer.

4: The turf and goods provided remain the property of GrowTurf until all money owing is paid in full.

5: GrowTurf offer several payment options - EFTPOS facilities, cash, cheque and direct debit.

6: GrowTurf will provide to the customer the required information (on request) to establish and maintain a quality lawn: this information is made available to GrowTurf customers as a recommendation only.

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