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GrowTurf are committed to providing top quality services and advice. No job is ever too big or too small and we cater to both residential, commercial and sporting turf orders. We are always just a call away to answering any of your turf questions and helping you achieve your dream lawn! 



Here at GrowTurf, we pride ourselves on not only providing top quality turf but we provide it at a time that suits you and we do it with exceptional service. We are proud of our turf and are so grateful to be able to supply 3 different varieties of turf to both residential and commercial customers. GrowTurf supply Wintergreen Couch, Palmetto Buffalo and Nara Zoysia. 


Supply and Delivery 

GrowTurf are committed to delivering your turf in a timely manner and will endeavour to work with our customers to be able to deliver at a time that suits. Turf is a living product so it's important your turf is delivered soon after it has been harvested. 
Our truck also carries it's own Moffett (mounted forklift) so we're able to easily access yards and strategically place turf for your convenience. 



Supply and Lay

As Turf experts, we are committed to ensuring your turf looks fantastic at the end of the day. Whether your time poor or just want someone else to do it for you, GrowTurf are pleased to offer an all 'in house' service. Not only will we grow the turf for you and deliver it, but we'll also install it for you too! We know a few tricks of the trade when installing turf and would be happy to help out when you need it. To make certain your turf gets the best start, with every supply and lay that is booked through GrowTurf, we will fertilise and roll your new lawn for FREE! 



Site preparation

We are committed to ensuring all aspects of the job are done properly, from start to finish. Adequate site preparation is essential to the establishment, look and maintenance of your turf. Our turf experts can arrange for the delivery of soil, installation of any required irrigation and any earthworks that are required to make your yard look and feel great. We offer the complete package here at GrowTurf. 



Key Benefits to having natural lawn

There are many benefits of natural turf including

  Dust prevention and soil erosion control
  Your property value increases and provides visual beauty
  Improves physical and mental health
  Low cost surface when landscaping 
  Reduces temperature and air pollution around home